Improving your focus with Gaffer 0.61

Gaffer 0.61 includes a significant overhaul of the Editor Focus Menu, which determines which nodes are shown in each editor panel. The slightly confusing “Follow Editor” options are gone, replaced with a new “Follow Focus Node” setting. This makes editor focus simpler to manage, but more importantly enables long-awaited new features…

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Emulsion : VRay-powered rendering for Gaffer

Hypothetical Inc. have developed Emulsion, a new product which extends Gaffer’s rendering capabilities to include the VRay renderer. Currently in public beta testing, Emulsion includes the features that VRay users have enjoyed throughout its 21 year history, including highly tunable render settings, fast GI rendering of interior and exterior scenes, extensive shader nodes and smooth handling of very large scenes.

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Murray Stevenson, Image Engine’s resident Gaffer expert, has been curating an internal “Gaffer by GIF” page, highlighting lesser-known Gaffer features in 60 seconds or less. We’ve liberated as many as we can for this blog post, so check them out and give yourself a pat on the back if you knew them all already.

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Gaffer visits Welikia

Eric Mehl of Hypothetical has been busy using Gaffer’s procedural scene generation and rendering to recreate Welikia, the ecosystem of New York City before settlement by Europeans. There’s an overview of the work on Hypothetical’s website, and a discussion of the Gaffer workflow on their blog. Windows users might know Eric from his Herculean efforts to port Gaffer to Windows, and his integration of Deadline with Gaffer. Thanks for sharing, Eric!

Expression vs. Python Editor

It is common to prototype code in the Python Editor, and you may think to do this when you need write some code for an Expression. Beware, though they look deceptively similar, the full Gaffer API is not available in expressions, and references to plugs behave quite differently.

This sometimes leads to an attempt to call something like parent["Sphere"]["radius"].getValue() in an expression, and an exception like the following :

ERROR   [Execution error] Expression1.__execute :"python/Gaffer/", line 88, in execute
line 1, in <module> AttributeError: 'float' object has no attribute 'getValue'
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