Gaffer released

We’re pleased to announce the release of Gaffer, the first feature update to Gaffer 1.2. This post highlights new features introduced in, and recaps some of the key features recently introduced in

Notably, Gaffer 1.2 marks the first official release of Gaffer on Windows, the first release with the Cycles renderer available by default, and brings a variety of new features and improvements including mute and solo of lights, animation curve pre & post infinity extrapolation modes, USD updates, performance improvements and more.

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Gaffer turns 1.0

After 10+ years (honestly, we’ve lost count), and 300 released versions, Gaffer has turned 1.0.

We’re extremely proud to announce the release of Gaffer, bringing significant improvements in usability and interoperability. Not to mention the first release of a major update to the Viewer providing support for hybrid rendering, allowing high quality preview of lighting and shading while interacting with scenes.

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