Configuring the Scene View Inspector

Gaffer 0.58 introduced a new Inspector in the Scene View. It allows you to quickly view – and in many cases – edit the selected location’s shader parameters.

We attempted to select a sensible set of parameters to display by default, but in keeping with Gaffer tradition, you can configure what is shown to suit your needs.

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Gaffer for pipeline – part 3 – Compute cache size

Like many other applications that calculate data on-demand, Gaffer has a memory cache that can increase performance in UI sessions if you have RAM to spare.

The default size (1GB) is somewhat conservative as to ensure we don’t use up all the resources of more modest machines when Gaffer is used out-the-box. It is easy to increase the limit though, which can bring performance gains in real-world production scenarios.

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Gaffer for pipeline – part 1 – App structure and startup

It can be hard to know where to start when you first start integrating a new application into a pipeline. This post is the first part in a series that takes a bottom-up approach and brings together a few helpful links for getting started with Gaffer configuration, scripting and development.

In this part, we take a look at how the gaffer application is structured, and what happens at startup.

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