Murray Stevenson, Image Engine’s resident Gaffer expert, has been curating an internal “Gaffer by GIF” page, highlighting lesser-known Gaffer features in 60 seconds or less. We’ve liberated as many as we can for this blog post, so check them out and give yourself a pat on the back if you knew them all already.

Select upstream nodes with Shift+Alt+Click. Select downstream nodes with Ctrl+Alt+Click
Middle-drag a node from the GraphEditor to pin it to a Viewer or Editor. “n” quickly unpins a Viewer or Editor
Use Selection Masking to limit what’s selectable in a Viewer
Use Select Affected Objects to quickly select all objects affected by a filtered node
Drag a plug into the expression editor to access the plug’s value
Drag a plug from the Node Editor into the Python Editor for easy access
Gang plug values together with Ctrl+G
Edit a plug value by holding Ctrl or Ctrl+Shift and then click-dragging left or right
Edit plug values with cursor up/down/left/right
Copy camera position from the viewer
Hold “v” with the translate or rotate tools enabled to snap or aim at the point clicked
Snap and aim also works with multiple selected objects
Hold Shift while rotating to make precise adjustments. Hold Ctrl to step in 30 degree increments.
Navigate Graph By Connection
Overriding visualiser scale in the Viewer
Scaling manipulators with hotkeys
Math operators when editing plugs

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