Emulsion : VRay-powered rendering for Gaffer

Hypothetical Inc. have developed Emulsion, a new product which extends Gaffer’s rendering capabilities to include the VRay renderer. Currently in public beta testing, Emulsion includes the features that VRay users have enjoyed throughout its 21 year history, including highly tunable render settings, fast GI rendering of interior and exterior scenes, extensive shader nodes and smooth handling of very large scenes.

If you are a VRay user already, you can import shader networks created in Maya and other DCC applications as a network of Gaffer nodes. Emulsion also supports rendering .vrscene files exported from DCC applications as a Gaffer External Procedural. More extensive VRay integrations like VRay Proxies and Emulsion-specific features like convenient shader assemblies are coming soon.

To learn more and sign up for the beta, head over to emulsionrenderer.com.

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