New Gaffer Examples

EZSurfacing Tools
Barbershop from “Agent 327” by Blender Institute, rebuilt and rendered in Gaffer by Ezequiel Mastrasso.

Let’s face it, there’s only so much you can learn about Gaffer from a ball of cows. Wouldn’t it be great if there were some more comprehensive examples that resembled how you might work in a studio environment? Something with real assets and light rigs, that showed how to build a multi-shot workflow using a single template script? Well, now there is!

Ezequiel Mastrasso has taken the Blender Barbershop and Classroom assets and rebuilt them for rendering with Arnold inside Gaffer. Amongst other things, he’s demonstrated how to use a Spreadsheet node to quickly and easily build light rigs, and how to use EditScopes to manage changes to specific shots and sequences while working within a single master script. He’s also built a template for doing look development, with presets for light rigs and a network for performing turntable renders. Head on over to his website and GitHub repository to check it out. The examples are under active development, and there’s a section on contributing if you’d like to get involved yourself.

EZSurfacing Tools

Among his many other projects, Ezequiel was also the lighting supervisor for Octonauts, a children’s TV show that has been instrumental in pacifying my three year old during lockdown. Thanks Ezequiel, I am doubly indebted to you!

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