Drag and drop objects to assign shaders

Because Gaffer is a procedural system, modifications to objects are made by applying nodes to the scene, using filters to determine which objects within the scene are affected by a particular node. Commonly a PathFilter is used to select all the objects whose names match a particular pattern. Patterns are powerful, but do rather keep you at arm’s length from the objects by referring to them by name rather than visually. There is another way…

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Use autocomplete in path widgets

If you’ve spent much time in a UNIX shell, you probably already know and love tab completion, whereby hitting the tab key will autocomplete the current filename based on the first few characters entered. It’s particularly handy for navigating the kind of deep directory structures that seem to typify VFX job structures. It’s worth knowing that Gaffer’s path widgets support the same tab complete mechanism – just type part of the name, hit tab and if possible it’ll be completed for you. Here’s an example.

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