Automatic Connections to New Nodes

When creating Switch, Group, or Parent nodes in the Graph Editor, Gaffer will automatically connect your current selection to the new node. Sometimes, though, you will end up with an array of connections that are all out-of-order and crossed-up. Fortunately, there is a simple trick you can use to guarantee the correct order.

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Edit Source & Edit Tweaks

When browsing a scene, it can be tricky to find and edit the node that generated or tweaked an object, especially if your graph is large, has many Box nodes, or depends on upstream components.

To make finding and editing upstream nodes more convenient, the following quick actions are available:

  • Edit Source (Alt + E): Edits the node that generated the selected object.
  • Edit Tweaks (Alt + Shift + E): Edits the most recent node that tweaked the selected object.
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