Demo: Practical denoiser using temporal blur

Supplementing his presentation of a novel denoising method at this year’s SIGGRAPH, Daniel Dresser (Image Engine’s shading specialist) will host a 5-minute talk at the Gaffer Birds of a Feather meeting, demonstrating a free implementation of the denoiser built in Gaffer.

Just in time for the talk, Daniel has provided a download for the implementation and instructions for its use here.

Note: This implementation requires the Arnold renderer.

Gaffer goes international

This month, CGWorld has provided a write-up of Image Engine’s contributions to the Japanese-produced CG film Kingsglaive: Final Fantasy XV. Gaffer greatly aided the lighting department and daily automation during production of their 23-minute sequence for the film.

Yuta Shimizu, one of the CG Supervisors overseeing the show, commented on Gaffer’s crucial role in the process:

Technology-wise, Gaffer is the noteworthy component. It templatizes workflows, which allows artists to focus on their creative work, instead of processes. It has been the core of Image Engine’s pipeline, and its integration was instrumental in taking on a project like this. We have a Gaffer-to-Shotgun query that allows templates to be dynamically applied to dailies, which lets artists focus on tweaking key shots and then applying the tweaked settings to the rest. At the end of the day, the IE lighting team was able to pump out 360 shots with an average of 6 lighters working on the project at a time. This same Gaffer templating process was used in certain departments’ QC, such as CFX with their penetration checks, and FX with their destruction lookdev compatibility.

Read the full article here (Japanese).

Creating Digital Humans: Logan Lookdev

Logan lookdev
Image courtesy of Image Engine Design Inc.

Image Engine’s work creating digital humans was featured in February’s issue of 3D Artist Magazine, which shows off Gaffer’s capabilities in handling photoreal character lookdev and lighting using a multitude of shaders in a studio pipeline.

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