Gaffer released

This releases focuses on interactive performance and lighting tools, but perhaps most importantly, after seven years – we’ve added undo to the Graph Editor!


References containing promoted spreadsheets saved from 0.58 can not be loaded in previous versions of Gaffer..

This major version release of Gaffer also marks the end of bug fix releases for the 0.56 series with the companion release being the last. Moving forward, bugs will only be fixed in the 0.57 series and later.


The release can be downloaded here.


  • We’ve made numerous performance improvements that hopefully make interactive editing feel more responsive. More details here.
  • The Viewer LUT (Exposure, Gamma and Display Transform) is now calculated on the GPU.
  • Render logs for Interactive Renders are now available in the render node and a summary of errors and warnings is displayed in the Viewer. More details available here.
  • The Viewer gains an EditScope aware floating Inspector that allows quick inspection and editing of lights and other shaders, more details and introductory videos here.
  • You can now undo the movement of nodes in the Graph Editor!
  • RAW support has been added to the ImageReader node.


  • Spreadsheets promoted on a Box can now be exported as a Reference. Note: values can be edited, but the reference must be imported to for row/column addition/removal. This is to prevent unresolvable merge conflicts.
  • Tractor service/tags are now evaluated in the correct context.
  • Transform tool handles should behave more predictably in conjunction with constraints or negative scaling.



In order to achieve significant gains in interactive performance, Gaffer’s dirty propagation mechanism has been greatly improved.
– Existing plugins may need to be amended to compile against the updated API.
– Any plugins that implement affects are now more sensitive to programming errors, great care should be taken to ensure that it accurately reflects hash/compute logic. Detailed notes on this are available here, along with debugging instructions.

There are numerous breaking changes in the 0.58 release, please see the relevant sections in the release notes. Of note:

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