Getting Lost in Space

This month, FXGuide featured the look of the robot from Lost in Space, Netflix’s modern reimagining of the famous TV series from the 1960s.

Using Gaffer in their studio pipeline for lighting, lookdev, and workflows, Image Engine Design Inc. provided a sleek, out-of-this-world look for the robot. The studio also contributed to some world-building by creating an alien forest from scratch. Joao Sita, VFX Supervisor, said:

On [Jurassic World], we did the forest primarily with one person and a lot of hand-placed items. On this show we spread around the work… we also made it a lot less manual. We used Houdini not only to distribute the assets but also create the trees and foliage.

To pass the procedurally instanced points for each tree and shrub to Gaffer, Image Engine used its custom Instancer node, which integrates with Houdini’s built-in instancing.

Read the full article here.

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