15th annual VES Awards

Game of Thrones; The Winds of Winter; Citadel

We’re thrilled to learn that Gaffer was a key lighting and rendering software for a VES nominated project! CG Supervisor Edmond Engelbrecht and the Image Engine team were nominated for Outstanding Created Environment in an Episode, Commercial, or Real-Time Project for their work on Game of Thrones; The Winds of Winter, with the procedural texturing, look development, and rendering for the Citadel environment produced using Gaffer.

As Edmond explains, “We had point cloud data for every bookshelf, and for each one of those points we instanced a random library of shelves of books and scrolls. We used a lot of procedural techniques to swap those books around so you didn’t get a lot of them repeating. It made it feel all the more like a real repository of knowledge.”

This procedural texturing and randomization of books was done in the Gaffer shader graph, and as Edmond states, “Gaffer allows me to quickly develop large scale procedural lookdev and layouts with ease.”

Learn more about Image Engine’s work on Game of Thrones Season 6, including some great insights into making a believable Citadel environment.

Huge congrats to all the other artists and studios up for a VES Award this year! Jump to the VES site for the full list of nominees.

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