Jurassic World

CGSociety has a great interview with Martyn Culpitt, VFX supervisor at Image Engine, talking about Image Engine’s work on Jurassic World.

Among many other topics Martyn touches briefly on how Gaffer contributed to the process.

One new tool that is really worth mentioning is our node based lighting tool called Caribou. We had been testing an early beta implementation version on the past few shows but Jurassic World was the first show we used the full version of it. It is based on our open source Gaffer project started by John Haddon and Caribou is it’s Maya plug-in made by David Minor and our team of Image Engine’s RnD. This was extremely valuable to manage the multiple characters, full CG environment, FX and props in complex lighting scenes. We were able to pull off our full CG shots in a very short amount of time and pass the templates to other shots. We have spent a lot of time to streamline the lighting workflow on past shows so this was a huge push to give artists more time for creative creation rather than being a technical assistant.

Head on over to CG society to read the full article.

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