Shader connection components

When building shader networks, you can split a multi-value parameter in the ”Graph Editor”, to mix and match its individual components.

Expanding Parameter Components

A multi-value parameter, such as a color, can have its plug expanded into component child plugs: right-click the plug, then select ”Expand RGB Components”. Then, you can freely manipulate each channel, and, for example, swizzle colors:

Swizzling shader components

Collapsing Components

Once a parameter plug has been expanded, you can collapse it back into a single plug: right-click one of the component plugs, then select ”Collapse RGB Components”. If you collapse components that are connected, they will appear as green auxiliary connections:

Collapsing shader components

Multi-value to Single-value Parameters

When connecting a multi-value parameter to a single-value parameter, a context menu will automatically open, letting you choose which component to use for the input:

Expanding shader components

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