Numeric bookmarks

A numeric bookmark is a node bookmark associated with a number key (1 through 9) on the keyboard.

Once assigned, hitting the key of a numeric bookmark will pin the currently focused editor to the node.

Tip: You can use the keys both on the main number row and the numpad.

Unlike regular bookmarks, instead of having to find the bookmarked node from a list, you can use the number keys as shortcuts to bookmarks that are important to you, or that you use frequently. Also unlike regular bookmarks, numeric bookmarks are not stored when you save the graph.

The icon on the bookmarked node indicates the bookmark type:

  • Regular bookmark
  • Numeric bookmark (the number corresponds to the key)
  • Regular and numeric bookmark

Assigning and unassigning a numeric bookmark

To assign/unassign a numeric bookmark to a node:

  1. Select the node in the Graph Editor.
  2. Hit Ctrl + 1–9 to assign a bookmark, or hit Ctrl + 0 to unassign the existing bookmark.

Alternatively, you can assign/unassign numeric bookmarks with the context menu:

  1. Right-click the node in the Graph Editor. The node context menu will open.
  2. Select Numeric Bookmark > 19, or Numeric Bookmark > Remove.

After assignment, a numeric bookmark icon with the number you chose will appear on the node. After unassignment, the numeric bookmark icon will disappear from the node.

Pinning and unpinning to a numeric bookmark

To pin or unpin an editor to an assigned numeric bookmark:

  1. Hover the cursor over the target editor.
  2. Hit the number key of a numeric bookmark to pin, or hit 0 to unpin.

Alternatively, you can pin a numeric bookmark using the pin context menu:

  1. Right-click the editor’s . The pin context menu will open.
  2. Select Bookmark > 19.

After pinning, the editor will stay locked to the node, and if you select a different node/object, the editor won’t update. After unpinning, the editor will no longer be focused on the node, and will return its focus on the currently selected node/object, or, if there is no selection, go blank.

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