Bookmarked Nodes

Gaffer has a very useful node bookmarking feature, which can make working with large and complex graphs much easier. Today, we’ll show you how to use it.

When a node is bookmarked, it becomes accessible from anywhere in the Graph Editor (with one exception). This allows you to quickly connect to a bookmarked node from other nodes, even when not currently in frame in the Graph Editor.

Demo of connecting to a bookmarked node

To bookmark a node:

  1. In the Graph Editor, right-click the node you wish to bookmark. The node context menu will appear.
  2. Select Bookmarked. A red bookmark will appear on the node.

To connect to a bookmarked node:

  1. In the Graph Editor, right-click the plug of a node. The plug context menu will appear.
  2. Navigate to Connect Bookmark and then select the bookmarked node from the list.

Two notes on bookmarking:

The target node and the bookmarked node must be at the same graph depth. For example, you cannot connect a node at the root of the graph to a bookmarked node inside of a Box node.

Furthermore, when connecting to a bookmarked node, the plugs must be compatible by data type (scene plug → scene plug; image plug → image plug; etc.) and direction (input plug → output plug; output plug → input plug).

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